Single Sided Magnetic Particle Imaging

Most of the published MPI scanner use a setup, where the field of view lies in between a symmetric coil configuration. This, however, poses a size limitation for the specimens. In this project, we present a feasibility study of a new, so-called single-sided scanner, which is applied to the object of interest merely from one side. Thus, the problem of the specimen fitting into the scanner no longer exists, which denotes a major step for MPI. To date, the FOV of the Single Sided device is limited to two dimensions. First one dimension experimental results on imaging phantoms containing a super paramagnetic fluid show a resolution of up to 1 mm and are indeed promising.

The Single Sided setup for 2D imaging consists of two concentric circular coils and on D-shaped coil pair and is constructed at the Institute. One of its medical application scenarios is the detection of the sentinel lymph node. Super-paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are used as tracer material and will be injected into the breast tumour. Via the lymphatic system, the SPIONs reach the sentinel lymph node, which will be detected and accurately located with the Single Sided MPI scanner.

Single Sided MPI Scanner at the Institute of Medical Engineering.


  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant number BMBF 01EZ0912.


  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics


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