Prof. Dr. Ewald Konecny (* 22.06.1935 † 02.05.2019)

We regret to inform the Medical Engineering Community that our respected and beloved colleague, Professor Ewald Konecny passed away on the 2nd of May.

The first years of the Institute of Medical Engineering of the University of Lübeck were largely driven by the founding director, Ewald Konecny. Ewald Konecny was born in 1935 in Troppau, Sudetenland, Czech Republic. In 1954 he graduated from high school in Nuremberg and studied physics at the Technical University of Munich as a state scholarship holder of the State of Bavaria. In 1959 he received his diploma, and in 1963 he received his doctorate with a thesis on Mass Spectrometric Separation of Nuclear Fission Fragments. The investigations were carried out at the first German nuclear fission reactor. In 1967, Ewald Konecny habilitated at the University of Giessen with a thesis on symmetrical and asymmetrical nuclear fission of radium. In 1974, foreign research stays followed, among others at the American Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. In 1975 the change to industry took place. The Drägerwerk AG in Lübeck won him for the development of the basic development and a laboratory for applied research. This involved the development of medium-term corporate strategies, which technologies were to be integrated into Dräger products and further developed. In 1981, he was appointed head of development at Dräger. In medical technology, the main tasks at that time were the introduction of sensors and electronically controlled actuators in anaesthesia and ventilation equipment, the introduction of simple electronic intelligence through microprocessors and the connection of therapy and monitoring equipment to so-called integrated workstations.

The members of the Institute of Medical Engineering share the pain of his family.

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