M.Sc. Hong Phuc Vo

Photo of Hong Phuc  Vo

Institut für Medizintechnik
Universität zu Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck
Gebäude 64, Raum 024

Email: h.vo(at)uni-luebeck.de
Phone: +49 451 3101 5443


Research Assistant


Research Interests

  • Image Reconstruction
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Nuclear Imaging

Involved Projects

Curriculum Vitae

HONG PHUC VO was born in Ben Tre, Vietnam in 1998. He received his Master of Sciences in Biomedical Engineering in 2023 from the University of Lübeck, Germany. In 2023, he wrote his master’s thesis on “Statistical Image Reconstruction and Evaluation of a dedicated prostate PET scanner” at the Institute of Medical Engineering, Universität zu Lübeck in collaboration with Picotech SAS, France. During his studies, he developed a keen interest in nuclear imaging, especially in PET image reconstruction and Monte-Carlo simulation. Since February 2023, he works as a research assistant at the Institute of Medical Engineering.


Hong Phuc Vo, Automatic Health Pattern Recognition based on Vital Body Signals with Deep Learning Approach, Bachelor thesis, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, 2020

Hong Phuc Vo, Statistical Image Reconstruction and Evaluation of a dedicated prostate PET scanner, Master thesis, Institute of Medical Engineering, University of Lübeck, 2023