Graduate Seminar - Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement

At the graduate seminar on biomedical instrumentation and measurements research associates of the Institute of Medical Engineering as well as invited speakers describe and discuss their current work.

Topics winter term 2021/2022




26.10.2021Eric AderholdMPI scanner assemblies
02.11.2021Xin Chen3D Magnetic Particle Spectrometer
09.11.2021Yvonne Blancke SoaresOptimal arrangement of permanent magnets using optimization algorithms for MPI selection field design.
16.11.2021Alina IbbekenAntropomorphic airway phantoms – Deformation measurements and measurements with pressure sensitive
23.11.2021Fenja ZellSimulation of the fluid-structure interaction of an airway mode with varying mandibular protrusion positions
30.11.2021Nele BlumDevelopment of new reconstruction strategies for metal artifact reduction in computed tomography
07.12.2021Laura HellwegeIterative CT Reconstructions
14.12.2021Huimin WeiHyperthermia insert for the preclinical MPI scanner
11.01.2022Steven SeegerResults from the extended Mermaid-Prototype
18.01.2022Pascal StaggeDetecting Atherosclerotic plaques with MPI / Concept of using artificial intelligence on multimodal data
25.01.2022Ezzat ElmoujarkachThe Implementation of Neural Network to Improve the Quality of PET Images
01.02.2022Charlott DanielsonRegulatory framework for medical devices
08.02.2022Lina BehrendsClinical trials for medical devices
15.02.2022Justin AckersThe path to closed-loop magnetic manipulation using MPI