Graduate Seminar - Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement

At the graduate seminar on biomedical instrumentation and measurements research associates of the Institute of Medical Engineering as well as invited speakers describe and discuss their current work.

Place and time:

Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:00, Seminarraum Mathematik 2 (Banach)

Topics winter term 2017/2018

30.10.2018André BehrendsDevelopment of a Hyperthermia Insert for the MPI25/20 FF Scanner
06.11.2018Xin ChenTemperature Control in a Three-Dimensional Magnetic Particle Spectrometer
13.11.2018Aileen CordesImage Reconstruction in MPI
22.11.2018 (geänderter Raum: von Neumann)Maximilian WattenbergSurface and Material Interface Reconstruction in Industrial Computed Tomography
27.11.2018Ankit MalhotraTracking the growth of superparamagnetic nanoparticles with an in-situ magnetic particle spectrometer (INSPECT
04.12.2018Tatiana NemtanuPore Size Estimation with Double Diffusion-Encoded MRI
11.12.2018Jan StelznerCurrent Developments of the Rabbit-Sized MPI-System
18.12.2018Moritz Schaar3D PET Image Reconstruction with Scatter Modelling
08.01.2019Anna BakeneckerMagnetic Actuation with MPI
15.01.2019Huimin WeiHeating Insert of the MPI Scanner to open the BBB
22.01.2019Nadja KohlhaseCompton Camera Reconstruction – Calculation for Energy and Angle
29.01.2019Jonas BeukeBuilding a Custom CT Scanner
05.02.2019Yvonne Blancke SoaresMPI
12.02.2019Fenja Zell

Airflow Simulation

19.02.2019Alina IbbekenExperimental Flow