Graduate Seminar - Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement

At the graduate seminar on biomedical instrumentation and measurements research associates of the Institute of Medical Engineering as well as invited speakers describe and discuss their current work.

Topics winter term 2020/2021




03.11.2020André BehrendsA magnetic fluid hyperthermia insert for the Bruker 25/20FF system usable with addable devices.
10.11.2020Eric AderholdExpanding the field of view of a permanentmagnet MPI scanner
17.11.2020Xin Chen3D Magnetic Particle Speedometer
24.11.2020Yvonne Blancke SoaresSingle Sided MPI, a simulation
01.12.2020Nele BlumDevelopment of new reconstruction strategies for metal artifact reduction in computed tomography
08.12.2020Huimin WeiSimulation and experiment result of magnetic nanoparticle heatng using the hyperthermia insert
15.12.2020Nadja KohlhaseCompton Camera - current reconstruction in MLEM and OE
12.01.2021Fenja ZellFluid Structure Integration: simultation of a flexible stenosis
19.01.2021Laura HellwegeAI-based preprocessing of cone-beam projection images in computed tomography
26.01.2021Alina IbbekenFabrication of flow phantoms and pressure measurements
02.02.2021Steven SeegerResults from the extended Mermaid-Prototype
09.02.2021Pascal StaggeCHIMPS Current Status / Low Noise Power Supply in a MPI receive chain
16.02.2021Ezzat ElmoujarkachThe Effect of Positron Range on the Quality of PET images