Inverse Problems in Imaging

Inverse Probleme der Bildgebung


ME4030-KP04:Medical Engineering Science
Computational Life Science
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Computer Science (prior to 2014)
ME4030 T:Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Computer Science (starting 2014)
ME4030 T-INF:Medical Informatics
Entrepreneurship in digital Technologies
Computer Science (starting 2014)

Place and time:

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  • Introduction to inverse and ill-posed problems on the basis of selected examples (including seismology, impedance tomography, heat conduction, computed tomography)
  • Concept of ill-posedness of the inverse problem (Hadamard)
  • Singular value decomposition and generalized inverse
  • Regularization methods (eg Tikhonov, Phillips, Ivanov)
  • Image-deconvolution
  • Image restoration (deblurring, defocusing)
  • Statistical methods (Bayes, maximum likelihood)
  • Computed Tomography, Magnetic Particle Imaging


  • Kak and Slaney: Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging - SIAM Series 33, New York, 2001
  • Natterer and Wübbeling: Mathematical Methods in Image Reconstruction - SIAM Monographs, New York 2001
  • Bertero and Boccacci: Inverse Problems in Imaging - IoP Press, London, 2002
  • Andreas Rieder: Keine Probleme mit inversen Problemen - Vieweg, Wiesbaden, 2003
  • Buzug: Computed Tomography - Springer, Berlin, 2008

General information:

Credit points: 4 (ME4030-KP04, ME4030 T, only with exercise) / 3 (ME4030 T-INF)
Language: offered only in German
Grading through: dependent on main module, written or oral exam as announced by the examiner

Further information:

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