Physics 2

Physik 2


ME1020-KP08:Medical Engineering Science
ME1020-MLS:Molecular Life Science (prior to 2016)
ME1022-KP10:Molecular Life Science (starting 2016)

Place and time:

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  • Electric charge, Coulomb force, electric field, electric potential, capacity
  • Stationary electric current, resistor, Kirchhoff’s laws
  • Magnetic field, magnetic dipole, electric current and magnetic field
  • Electromagnetic induction, resonant circuit
  • Nonstationary electric and magnetic fields, displacement current, Maxwell’s equations
  • Refraction, reflexion
  • Geometrical optics, image generation, lenses, aberrations, optical instruments
  • Interference, diffraction, resolution power
  • Polarization, birefringence, Brewster’s angle
  • Relativity theory
  • Bohr’s atomic model, spectral lines, quantum mechanical atomic model
  • Molecules and solid bodies


  • D. Giancoli: Physik - Pearson

General information:

Credit points: 8 (ME1020-KP08, only with exercise) / 6 (ME1020-MLS) / 10 (ME1020-KP10, only with practical course)
Language: offered only in German
Grading through: written exam, certificates and protocols

Further information:

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