Biophysics of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Safety

Biophysik ionisierender Strahlen und Strahlenschutz


ME5050:Medical Engineering Science
Molecular Life Science (prior to 2016)
Molecular Life Science (starting 2016)

Place and time:

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  • Physics of ionizing radiation
  • Basic principles of dosimetry
  • Introduction to methods of radiation measurement
  • Radiation biology: principles of radiation damage, deterministic and stochastic effects, health risks caused by ionizing radiation
  • Radiation chemistry, handling of open and enclosed radioactive materials
  • Safety requirements in radionuclide laboratories
  • Application of radionuclides in research and medicine
  • German and international laws and regulations dealing with radiation safety

General information:

Credit points: 4 (ME5050) / 5 (ME5050-KP05)
Language: offered only in German
Grading through: continuous, successful participation and written exam

Further information:

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