Physics 1

Physik 1


ME1010-KP08:Medical Engineering Science
ME1010-KP06:Molecular Life Science

Place and time:

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  • Physical values, units, accuracy, measurement errors
  • Mathematical methods and notations
  • Kinematics of point mass, Newton’s Axioms, contact forces, modulus, virtual forces, Newton’s equation of motion, differential equations
  • Work and energy, power and efficiency, momentum, inertia, physical pendulum, momentum of rotation
  • Conservation laws and symmetries
  • Gravitation, oscillation, waves, acoustics, Doppler effect
  • Resting and flowing gases and liquids, effects of surfaces and interfaces
  • Temperature, thermometer, therm. expansion, state equations, kinetic gas theory
  • Van-der-Waals state equation, heat capacity, heat conduction, 1st law of thermodynamics, volume work, p-V diagram
  • Adiabatic processes, 2nd law of thermodynamics, thermal engines and Carnot cycle, efficiency, heat pump
  • Entropy, disorder and probability, 3rd law of thermodynamics


  • D. Giancoli: Physik - Pearson

General information:

Credit points: 8 (ME1010-KP08, only with exercise) / 6 (ME1010-KP06)
Language: offered only in German
Grading through: written exam

Further information:

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