Quantum Physics in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

Quantenphysik der medizinischen Diagnostik und Therapie


ME4040:Medical Engineering Science
Computational Life Science

Place and time:

If you are interested, please contact one of the professors by email.


  • Uncertainty and metrology
  • Elementary particles in medical technology
  • Schrödinger equation: electrons in the wave picture
  • Quantum mechanical foundations of electron, atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Quantum mechanical effects in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
  • Radiotherapy: cross sections, proton and ion therapy; Interactions between radiation field and matter
  • Quantum statistics in the nuclear medical diagnostics
  • Infrared imaging and Planck's radiation law
  • Synchrotron radiation in diagnosis and therapy
  • Semiconductor detectors for biomedical imaging

General information:

Credit points: 4
Language: offered only in German, English skills required
Grading through: presentation, oral exam

Further information:

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