Visualization Technology



ME3600:Medical Engineering Science (starting 2014)

Place and time:

The next scheduled date will be announced in time.


  • Overview of important imaging methods in biomedical engineering (including CT, MRI, MPI)
  • Mathematical and physical-technological principles of image formation
  • Applications in fundamental and applied research as well as in clinical diagnosis


  • Olaf Dössel, Thorsten M. Buzug: Biomedizinische Technik: Band 7: Medizinische Bildgebung - De Gruyter, 2013
  • Olaf Dössel: Bildgebende Verfahren in der Medizin: Von der Technik zur medizinischen Anwendung - Springer, 1999
  • Thorsten M. Buzug: Computed Tomography: From Photon Statistics to Modern Cone-Beam CT - Springer, 2008
  • Zhi-Pei Liang, Paul C. Lauterbur: Principles of magnetic resonance imaging: a signal processing perspective - SPIE Optical Engineering Press, 2000
  • Tobias Knopp, Thorsten M. Buzug: Magnetic Particle Imaging: An Introduction to Imaging Principles and Scanner Instrumentation - Springer, 2012

General information:

Credit points: 4
Language: offered only in German, English skills required
Grading through: oral presentation, written report, oral exam

Further information:

See Moodle for teaching materials and any further information.