Physics 2

Physik 2


ME1020-KP08:Medical Engineering Science
ME1020-MLS:Molecular Life Science (prior to 2016)
ME1022-KP10:Molecular Life Science (starting 2016)

Place and time:

Physics 2 is a shared lecture of the Institute of Medical Engineering, the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Biomedical Optics. In summer term 2023, the Institute of Biomedical Optics is responsible for this lecture.


  • Electric charge, Coulomb force, electric field, electric potential, capacity
  • Stationary electric current, resistor, Kirchhoff’s laws
  • Magnetic field, magnetic dipole, electric current and magnetic field
  • Electromagnetic induction, resonant circuit
  • Nonstationary electric and magnetic fields, displacement current, Maxwell’s equations
  • Refraction, reflexion
  • Geometrical optics, image generation, lenses, aberrations, optical instruments
  • Interference, diffraction, resolution power
  • Polarization, birefringence, Brewster’s angle
  • Relativity theory
  • Bohr’s atomic model, spectral lines, quantum mechanical atomic model
  • Molecules and solid bodies


  • D. Giancoli: Physik - Pearson

General information:

Credit points: 8 (ME1020-KP08, only with exercise) / 6 (ME1020-MLS) / 10 (ME1020-KP10, only with practical course)
Language: offered only in German
Grading through: written exam, certificates and protocols

Further information:

See Moodle for teaching materials and any further information.